Garnett in china

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Garnett in china

Post  jiexl583 on Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:46 pm

"Do not know what you are willing to listen, cheap Derrick Rose shoes I was very famous professional basketball player and we have two competitors, you did not win me, I gave you a cap." "Cui humor" in his opening remarks, Kevin Garnett listen and laugh, "Yes, yes, the last time you covered me wearing these shoes." He smiled and pointed to the cui feet running shoes.

In the nearly two hours of recording live, laughter, applause rang non-stop. cheap lebron james shoes "I have never seen such interesting people." Humor as host of problems, "Garnett" laugh many times. Face Tsui, Kevin Garnett playing humor. As the NBA superstar, Kevin Garnett had to get to the highest salaries, but in his view is not enough, "can you tell me how much money is it? If you do not want it, you can tell me the credit card's password." Tsui question is very challenging, "I heard you had 19,000 pay would be in the NBA?" "First, I do not have credit cards, second, my score just does."cheap Derrick Rose shoes Garnett tit for tat. Tsui scratched his head, "it may be I am wrong, I let other people get when you foul the points are recorded into it. Also has millions of rebounds, right? Also count how many people had in your head?" Plus shaking his head inside the big smile, "I do not know!"

"Tsui said things" so carried out in laughter. Contest game with Garnett, basketball shoes free shipping the cui 5 penalty 3, and "Garnett," the penalty spot into the midfield, but Garnett is still a shot. Program, Tsui also intends to make Kevin Garnett out his foot to show the design of the boots, did not think Garnett will even take off his shoes. "How do I think he does like Zhao." Tsui word, the audience amused, and Kevin Garnett shoes to leave a smile. Today, he will dream boat with the basketball team for a game.


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